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About Me


Originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, I began drumming at 13 and now hold degrees in Arts / Electronic Music / Media, and Audio Recording from the University of Albany and the Audio Recording Institute.

I focus on private drum, music theory, and audio engineering lessons in addition to producing and playing professionally. My playing styles include Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock & Roll and Pop.

I have been fortunate enough to learn from and study under some of the greatest drum educators such as Dom Famularo, Larry Levine, Aldo Mazza, Jeff Queen, Daniel Glass, Sergio Bellotti, and Rich Laplante.


Kit & Gear




Mapex V Series
Burgandy Finish

8x7 Tom
10x8 Tom
12x9 Tom
13x11 Floor Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
22x16 Bass Drum

Snare: Yamaha Absolute Maple Custom
Sea Blue Fade

14 x 5.5



1: 14" K Constantinople Hi Hats
2: 18" Oriental Trash China
3: 17" A Custom Crash
4: 18" A Custom Projection Crash
5: 18" A Custom Medium Crash
6: 20" K Ride
7: 20" Oriental Trash China
8: 18" A Custom Crash

14" K Custom Session Hi Hats
20" K Heavy Ride




Batter: Evans EC2 Coated SST
Resonant: Remo Clear Ambassador

Bass Drum:
Batter: Evans Clear EMAD2
Resonant: Remo Ebony Powerstroke 3

Snare Drum:
Batter: Remo Coated Powerstroke 3
Resonant: Aquarian High Performance Snare Side



Power Tower Racks
Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand
Cobra Clutch

Drum Workshop
DWCP9002 Double Pedal

ProMark Sticks
Hickory 5A Nylon Tip

Kelly SHU

Let's work together

Training & Education


The basics of rudimental drumming were ingrained in me under Larry Levine’s tutelage. Precision, economy of motion, excellence and professionalism in all aspects of drumming, as well as life, were instilled in me by Levine.

Upon entering junior college, I began studying under Rich Laplante. Rich’s intense and focused lessons in music theory and sight-reading gave me a steady practice regimen to work from and helped me become more musically proficient.

After receiving my AD in Music and Performance from Adirondack Community College, I enrolled at the University at Albany under Richard Albagli’s direction. The University Percussion Ensemble and Symphonic Band, coupled with the concentrated studies in critical listening and basic Protools, broadened and enhanced my musical palette and performance abilities.

Upon receiving my Bachelors Degree in Electronic Music and Media, I moved to Orlando, Florida and enrolled in a comprehensive audio engineering program at the Audio Recording Technology Institute. Courses including basic and advanced recording workshops, ProTools digital production, MIDI and advanced post production. Graduating at the top of my class after only one year, I solidified my strengths as a well-rounded musician and trained producer.


Northway Church 2010-13

Parting Glass 2015-18

Modern Day Music 2018 - present.

Audio Recording Technology Institute

Orlando F.L.

Diploma | Comprehensive Audio Engineering Program.

Graduated at the top of the class. 🔥


University at Albany

Albany N.Y.

BA | Arts, Electronic Music and Media.


Adirondack Community College

Queensbury N.Y.

AA | Arts, Music and Performance.


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